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BMW Bobber by Black Diamond®

Sit on it and drive off.

Attachments & Accessories

Our customers trust in quality - that's exactly what we do. All attachments and accessories are made by renowned manufacturers such as Kellermann or Motogadget.


All parts of the bike are glass bead blasted in advance, then powder-coated with high-quality paint. The tank is painted in a matching vintage style. The tank lining is handmade!

Road Traffic Office

The best at the end: Street approved - everything registered in the EU! Incl. all DTC Swiss certificates for road approval!

Engine & Drive

The motor is completely revised and renewed except for the last screw or seal. The same applies to the manual transmission and the final drive. All or nothing!


The frame is adapted to the Bobber look. This means: CNC-milled and turned seat tube, water-cut suspension mounts and shortened fork.


The frame is adapted to the Bobber look. This means: CNC-milled and turned seat tube, water-cut suspension mounts and shortened fork.

BMW R100 in vendita Svizzera

The flying spark

BMW R100 - 1981 - October 2020

Incredibly many hours of work – hundreds of screws – and much more.

In our manufactury, we transform a BMW R80 or BMW R100 into a dreamlike bobber with exceptional street approval in Switzerland.Sit on it, start the engine and drive off!No stress for you, uncomplicated and definitely freshly proofed by Swiss official vehicle government.

At the beginning, we go in search of a basic bike: low mileage, generally good condition, regular maintenance – all features that we attach great importance to. Based on our experience and know-how, we know exactly which bikes are suitable for converting to a diamond bike. The two-cylinder boxer engines built from 1976 to 1984 were also available in different versions. We clearly prefer the double suspension models with the typical star rims. Compared to Germany, these models are a bit more difficult to find in Switzerland – that’s why we always have individual basic bikes in stock. So we can start immediately to smoothing our next diamond bike. So you don’t have to buy a base bike first.

All components of your future Black Diamond bike will be carefully checked, cleaned, glass bead blasted and replaced if necessary. Of course, we replace all wear parts such as the coupling, seals, wheel bearings, carburetor float and screws. Often, after 40 years, the power cables are also at the end of their lifetime – for this reason, the old harness is disposed of and laid completely fresh in the rebuilding with an M-Unit from MotoGadget.

Frequently asked



It’s all down to you and your budget. With the All-In-One package you have an absolute high-end custom bike, which is completely rebuilt by A-Z. Looks guaranteed!

All our motorcycles, whether all-in-one, light or budget package, are freshly approved by road approval government and 100% approved on Swiss roads. For all three packages, the approval documents are included in the purchase price.

As a rule, a conversion takes between 4-6 months, depending on the package.

We are partners of Cembra Money Bank and can offer you a suitable financing in any case – without full headlight, fully deductible from the tax and the most important thing: From the beginning YOU are the owner of the motorcycle!

ALL used components are 100% approved! This also applies to the installed sports air filters or the handmade exhaust system.


Frame work - seat tube

The original frame of the BMW R100 is expertly remodeled. The unnecessary original brackets (electrics), the rear frame and the strut mounts are thoroughly removed and all areas cleaned. Subsequently, self-developed conversion parts are used. The CNC milled and turned seat tube promises absolute perfection and the waterjet-cut strut mounts adapt perfectly to the frame. Of course, the entire frame is glass bead blasted and then powder-coated. This ensures long-term durability and good resistance.

BMW R100 Conversion Mokka Black Diamond


The brain of the motorcycle.

The original, almost 50-year-old harness of the motorcycle is disposed of. In the reconstruction of the motorcycle, the entire harness is renewed and freshly constructed. We use quality products from the Motogadget (M-Unit) brand. All power cables are laid fresh and, if possible, hidden directly in the handlebars. This ensures an absolutely clean look!

Of course, qualitative branded products are also used for flashers, taillights and headlights.

DTC Report BMW R80 BMW R100 Conversion Switzerland Shop


It has to ride!

The final drive and the gearbox are fully opened and completely disassembled. The wear parts such as gears are carefully checked and reworked if necessary.

Before assembly, the components are also blasted and freshly powder-coated. All seals are renewed and all bearings are replaced with quality products.

The gears are freshly adjusted for smooth forwarding and switching without a big hick hack.

Shorten BMW R100 fork


The boxer's heart beats faster.

The entire engine is freshly assembled and completely revised to 100. The entire motor housing is thoroughly cleaned, checked for defects and glass bead blasted as well as powder-coated. The cylinder heads are completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, checked for wear and, of course, reworked. New plug tubes, a completely new bearing, new valve guides and outlet valve seat rings speak for themselves and another 40 years of road use.

Partnerships Black Diamond Motorcycles GmbH


Would you like an eye-catcher?

All parts of the Diamond Bike are thoroughly cleaned, blasted and powder-coated. Each tank is wet-painted by an artist from Italy and turned into an absolute unique piece. Only in this way can you be sure that you really have a unique piece.

Of course, we also offer classic colours with hand-drawn tank lines. Tailored to your needs and adapted to your needs.

Bobber conversion BMW R100 Boxer Switzerland

For the road!

... but 100 %!

We guarantee that all our motorcycles throughout Switzerland have a 100% road approval. Sleepless nights before the next periodic check on the MFK or at police checkpoints are a thing of the past!

  • Legal frame conversion
  • Legal exhaust system
  • Legal sports air filters
  • Legal lighting equipment
  • Legal chassis

What else we want to tell you: You will definitely find cheaper bikes on the Internet or abroad. However, we strongly advise you not to purchase your motorcycle abroad. At the latest when you are admitted in Switzerland, you will experience a great miracle…

DTC Report BMW R45 / R60 / R75 / R80 / R90 / R100