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BMW R-Series

BMW Boxer Conversion

Cafe Racer

BMW K-Series

DTC Gutachten BMW K75 K100 K1100 K1 Heck kürzen Rahmen kürzen Heck abschneiden kaufen Schweiz MFK

DTC certificate

BMW K100
BMW K1100
With us you can buy all expert opinions for the legal conversion of your BMW.

We have two Swiss road approval certificates so that you can convert your BMW K75, K100, K1100 or K1 into a Cafe Racer – self-confidently without any problems at the official vehicle government.

The DTC certificate allows you to completely rebuild your front. This means: fork bridges, fork bars, brake system, stub handlebars, rims, tyres

The second DTC certificateallows you to remodel the frame. You can use it to shorten the frame, remove the knot plates, insert a strut for seat fastening and adjust the strut bracket.

Package overview

Stern shorten

CHF 449
  • Shortening Heck
  • Weld loop
  • Removal of knot plates
  • Flat plate for seat

Combination package

CHF 1200
  • USD fork BMW S1000RR
  • Brake system S1000RR
  • Front rim BMW R1000RR
  • Sum handlebar S1000RR
  • Fork bridges S1000RR
  • Shortening Heck
  • Weld loop
  • Removal of knot plates
  • Flat plate for seat
Savings package

Fork conversion S1000RR

CHF 890
  • USD fork BMW S1000RR
  • Brake system S1000RR
  • Front rim BMW S1000RR
  • Sum handlebar S1000RR
  • Fork bridges S1000RR

DTC certificate

BMW R60/7
BMW R75/5 & 75/7
BMW R90/6 & R90 S
BMW R80 / Stroke 7 / R / RT / RS / ST / GS
BMW R100 / Stroke 7 / RS / RT / S /
Of course, we also have all road registration documents for the BMW R series.

With our DTC certificates for the BMW models R45, R60/7, R65, R75/5, R75/7, R90/6, R90 S, R100, R100/7, R100 RS, R100 RT, R100 S, R80, R80/7, R80 GS, R80/GS, R80, R80 RT, R80 ST you can convert your complete bike. You may weld on a single-seater bobber mount,you may design the strut brackets yourself and weld directly to the frame,can use RCO fork bridges and shorten the fork by 7 cm.

You don’t have to worry about approval anymore and you can calculate your project costs accurately. What do you have to do? Simply buy our expert opinion.


The struts may be replaced with a product of YSS (special length)


Legal use of an RCO fork bridge with clamping blocks, CNC manufactured and perfect look - increased stability


Use of a hand brake cylinder on the Handlebar of the Brembo brand - better braking point and increased braking performance

Shorten fork

The original fork can be shortened for the perfect bobber look

Bobber rear conversion

The original support frame for the passenger seat can be removed and a seat tube for the Bobber look can be welded

Suspension of the strut

The original mounting points for the passenger frame can be removed and your own strut mounts can be welded directly to the frame

Frequently asked questions

As soon as you want to make a technical change to your motorcycle, you need a confirmation. In case of the adaptation of safety-relevant components (frames, brakes) you need a DTC certificate.

We recommend that the work be carried out by a professional person. So you can be sure that the conversions are carried out competently.

No, the DTC certificates do not contain any parts / accessoires. You have to buy the right parts yourself.

The company (metal builder or similar) that carried out the renovation work.

The price consists of examination costs at DTC AG, insurance costs, expenses to comply with the duty to pay for sorgalts and development costs.