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Changes to the lighting

LED blinkers change motorcycle Switzerland

Modification to the lighting on the motorcycle

What technical changes are allowed on motorcycles in Switzerland? This question is not always easy to answer. What is the Bible for believers are the ASA guidelines 2b for us bikers. In the guidelines, which have been developed by the Federal Office of Roads and Transport, all technical changes to motorcycles are looked at in detail. Among the most important information for hobby screwdrivers and professional bike builders are in particular the necessary documents about a problem-free re-registration of the road. You can find all this and much more information in this biker bible.

Although it deals with all technical changes to motorcycles in Switzerland, we want to go into specific questions in more detail. Important: If you still have unanswered questions despite our comments, you can contact us at any time.

Even better: Use the comment function and help everyone else who is interested in this topic. We are also happy to answer any questions about the comment function.

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Headlight mbuilding

If you want to change the headlight on your motorcycle, this is not a problem at all. All you have to do is make sure that the headlight has an E sign. Watch out: The cheap headlights from Wish, Alibaba and Co. don’t have this sign and if so, it’s mostly fake. So buy the headlight in Switzerland or Germany. Even just one DOT sign, as is customary in the USA, is not enough for the Swiss Road Law!

Blinker conversion

Important information at the beginning: For all motorcycles that were redeemed before 31.12.2012, there is NO obligation to blink! So you can omit the blinkers. It is not allowed to install blinkers, for example, only at the front or only at the rear. If you’re brunning blinkers, they need to be in operation and working both front and back.

Also for the blinkers: An E-sign is absolutely necessary. What has often led to discussions are so-called handlebar end indicators – although these usually have an E-sign, these are not allowed in Switzerland. The front indicators must not be visible from behind. It is best to talk to your MFK about this.

BMW K100 Gabel umbauen Schweiz

Is a reflector mandatory?

During a conversion you want to hide the reflector as much as possible, as it often does not fit the overall picture of the motorcycle. Unfortunately, this is not possible. In Switzerland, a reflector with an E-sign in the middle of the vehicle axle is required. The inspectors at the road traffic offices attach great importance to this. If the reflector is missing, you need to check.

Are you interested in technical changes to the tyres, rims and shock absorbers of your motorcycle? No problem. In our next blog post rims, tires, shock absorbers you will find helpful information.

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