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Fork shorten / ready-to-ride service for BMW R65 R75 R80 R90 R100


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  • Variant 1: Only shortening of the fork tubes according to DTC certificate
  • Fork tubes must be delivered completely disassembled
  • If this is not the case, the full service (variant 2) will be charged automatically
  • Variant 2: Shorten fork bars incl. Fork service
  • In variant 2, the fork is returned ready for installation


Fork shorten BMW R80 & R100 as well as all other models

Many of our customers write and ask us whether we are also carrying out the corresponding work in addition to the DTC expert opinion for shortening the fork. Fortunately, we can inform you that we are now offering this service!

How is the fork shortened?

There is the possibility to “shorten” the front fork with corresponding spacer sleeves. Distance pieces, mostly made of twisted aluminium, are inserted into the immersed tubes. The distance sleeves then reduce the spring rate of the fork. We strongly advise against this variant – in addition, this is not allowed according to our DTC expert opinion.

When you send your fork to us, we take over the work for you – and professionally. The delivered fork bars are turned off on our lathe on the permitted final dimension, which has been tested by DTC AG. Of course, the groove for the retaining ring as well as the gradation within the fork bars is reproduced. After completing the work, we will send you back your twisted and perfect forklifts carefully packed for the Bobber look.

Option 1: Shorten the fork bars without further work

With option 1, we shorten your fork to the approved end measure – without new oil, new simmeringands and exclusive assembly. You deliver to us your extended fork bars, which we return exactly the same, but shortened, to you again.

  • Shorten fork tubes
  • without oils, simmerings and control
Option 2: Shorten the fork bars “ready to ride”

With option 2, you can deliver your fork in full condition. We dismantle all components, shorten your fork and perform a check. After turning off and checking, your fork will be freshly assembled, incl. new simmerings, dust protection caps, matching fork springs and new oil. So you get your fork back ready for installation.

  • Fork disassembly
  • Shorten fork tubes
  • Inspection of the components
  • Polishing the standpipes
  • Assembly
  • New fork springs
  • New Simmeringe
  • New dust protection caps
  • New oil
  • Ready to ride!

The shortening of the front fork is possible in connection with our DTC expert opinion for the following models:

  • BMW R45
  • BMW R60/7
  • BMW R65
  • BMW R75/5
  • BMW R75/7
  • BMW R90/6
  • BMW R90 S
  • BMW R100
  • BMW R100/7
  • BMW R100RS
  • BMW R100S
  • BMW R80
  • BMW R80/7
  • BMW R80GS
  • BMW R80G/S
  • BMW R80R
  • BMW R80RT
  • BMW R80RS
  • BMW R80ST

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Option 1: Shorten the fork bars without further work, Option 2: Shorten the fork bars "ready to ride"


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