For BMW R45-R100 models

Do-It Yourself

Do the work yourself

One document

One-off costs

For all STVAs

For the whole of Switzerland

Clear instructions

No ambiguities

DTC certificate for BMW R-Series

Valid for all models R45-R100

BMW Boxer Conversion

Complete conversion possible

With our appraisals for the BMW models R45, R60/7, R65, R75/5, R75/7, R90/6, R90 S, R100, R100/7, R100 RS, R100 RT, R100 S, R80, R80/7, R80 GS, R80/GS, R80, R80 RT, R80 RS, R80 ST you can build your own bike. You can weld on a single-seater bobber mount, design the strut mounts yourself and weld them directly to the frame, you can use RCO triple clamps and shorten the fork by 7 cm.

You don’t have to worry about approval anymore and you can calculate your project costs accurately. What do you have to do? Simply buy our expert opinion.

Frequently asked questions

As soon as you want to make a technical change to your motorcycle, you need a confirmation. In case of the adaptation of safety-relevant components (frames, brakes) you need a DTC certificate.

We recommend that the work be carried out by a professional person. So you can be sure that the conversions are carried out competently.

No, the DTC certificates do not contain any parts / accessoires. You have to buy the right parts yourself.

The company (metal builder or similar) that carried out the renovation work.

The price consists of examination costs at DTC AG, insurance costs, expenses to comply with the duty to pay for sorgalts and development costs.