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Modifications to the steering device

BMW R100 fork bridge exchange DTC expertise

Modifications to the steering device

What technical changes are allowed on motorcycles in Switzerland? This question is not always easy to answer. What is the Bible for believers are the ASA guidelines 2b for us bikers. In the guidelines, which have been developed by the Federal Office of Roads and Transport, all technical changes to motorcycles are looked at in detail. Among the most important information for hobby screwdrivers and professional bike builders are in particular the necessary documents about a problem-free re-registration of the road. You can find all this and much more information in this biker bible.

Although it deals with all technical changes to motorcycles in Switzerland, we want to go into specific questions in more detail. Important: If you still have unanswered questions despite our comments, you can contact us at any time.

Even better: Use the comment function and help everyone else who is interested in this topic. We are also happy to answer any questions about the comment function.

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DTC Gutachten BMW R80 BMW R100 Schweiz

Replacing the handlebars

DTC Gutachten BMW R80 BMW R100 Schweiz
If you want to replace the original handlebars of your motorcycle, a declaration of suitability from a Swiss importer is sufficient. Make sure you only buy handlebars from well-known brands (e.g. LSL). There you get the corresponding document and an entry on the MFK nothing stands in the way.

With our DTC expert report for the BMW K100 you can install the original stub handlebars of the BMW S1000RR.

Replacing the fork bridges

With a desired replacement of the fork bridges, it already looks more difficult. You can only replace the fork bridges on your motorcycle if you have a DTC report for it. Unfortunately, the fork bridges you can buy in accessories are often without appropriate documents.

For this reason, we advise you to purchase our DTC report. With this you can register the
fork bridges from RCO
for BMW R80 / R100 without any problems. Of course, this also applies to the clamping blocks on which you fix the handlebars.

Rearview mirror on motorcycle

In the accessories there are many rear-view mirrors for motorcycles to buy – absolutely right! The conversion of the mirrors already makes a lot of visual and is permitted in Switzerland without any problems if the mirrors have a corresponding E-sign. Mirrors without E-signs are not allowed. A demonstration at the MFK is not necessary! There is also the following rule:

  • For bikes that were redeemed for the first time until 31.12.2016: It is sufficient if you have a mirror with the size of 50cm2.
  • For all bikes that were redeemed for the first time after 31.12.2016, you must have installed two mirrors with the size of 69cm2.

Change speedometer

You may change the speedometer on your motorcycle at any time – it does not require any expert opinions. During the periodic test, the speed is checked by the expert with a GPS device.

LED Blinker wechseln Motorrad Schweiz

Changes to the lighting

LED Blinker wechseln Motorrad Schweiz

Are you interested in technical changes to the lighting (headlights, blinkers, reflectors) of your motorcycle? No problem. You’ll find helpful information in our next blog post Modification to Lighting.

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